Where oh where have all the good shows gone.

Where have all the shows gone and where did all the reality shows come from? After all, the first where real and latter, not so much.

Maybe I have always been a foodie.  It seems that I have always stopped channel surfing when I came a cross a food show.  Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet. He was a real kick, especially the size b onion. Then he stopped drinking. Oh well.

Who can ever forget Julia Child.  Such fun and we even learned something. To bad she bled out on Saturday Night Live.

The Iron Chef, Japan of course. I never learned how to do anything other than drive a spike through a live Eels head and filet it.  So much fun. Of course, sea urchin and fish brains never appealed to me, but I loved that program.

Then we had to make an American version of it. Just like the Magnificent Seven, the Last Man Standing, Outrage etc. Good, but not the same.

Later we had greats like Emeril Live and Barefoot Contessa. Jamie Oliver cooking in a 6 foot square London Flat, the kitchen was even smaller.

Jamie does have a YouTube show where he creates dishes with only 5 ingredients.  A must watch.

Ming Tsai's East meets West.  Talk about a small kitchen, I seem to recall he used a portable station the size of a camp stove and table. But I loved the ceramic knife he used. Or Tyler Florence showing up to show some frustrated house wife how to cook eggs.  Food 911.

Bobby Flay can cook, whether you like him or not. My favorite show of his was Thowdown! with Bobby Flay. I loved it because he lost. No, I don't wish Booby ill.   I just believe that show proves what this site is all about.

Bobby would create his Signature version of whatever, say Cioppino.  He was cooking against a San Francisco Chef that made his name making authentic Cioppino.   Well no wonder Bobby Lost.  You just can't beat the real deal by adding chilis from New Mexico.

Now, to the present. I don't think there is much worth watching anymore.

Anthony Bourdain didn't teach us to cook, but his show was fun to watch. Too bad he left us.

I really don't enjoy elimination reality shows (except for one). They all are talented Chefs creating stuff I could never duplicate and recipes that will never be shared, then they are kicked off the show.

That one elimination Reality show. Well that’s just the best show out there. It’s the one that inspires me, amazes me and entertains me.  Then they don’t eliminate someone for 3 shows, I scream foul.  When they do eliminate someone because they didn’t work well with another contestant, I scream foul.

Because they could still cook circles around the remaining CHEFS.   Yes, Chefs in uppercase.

I have never seen such talent as when I watch Gordon Ramsey’s MasterChef JUNIOR.  Darn,  those 8 to 12 years old’s sure can cook. That’s inspiring.

Leave a comment, share you views on today’s cooking shows.  What do you like and what don’t you like. Who knows, we may start watching it as well. Or even better, Food Network will read the comments.

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