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We’re back.

Hey everyone. Grant here. 

Let’s talk. This last year was the toughest one of my career, but it was also the most clarifying. I took a break from ChefSteps to try out some other creative projects. I drove 12,000 miles through Mexico. And when I came back, our investor wanted to make some changes. We had to lay off most of our staff and ultimately, I had a breakup with my founding business partner. It was a hard time.

Then, after months of negotiations, Breville acquired ChefSteps. And honestly, I cannot think of a better partner. Breville is obsessed with making the best products possible to help their customers have amazing food moments in their kitchens. They see ChefSteps the same way I do.

You see, I came back because I had unfinished business with the community. My original mission was to create the cooking resources that I would have wanted to see when I was first learning how to cook. I wanted to build a brand that inspired people to kick ass in the kitchen. And, for the first few years here, we were doing that work. But then, when we launched Joule, our brand slowly became all about the sous vide machine. The stories we could tell became boxed in. We became afraid to take risks. That’s part of why I left.

So here we are, back to playing in the kitchen. I want to show you how to be amazing in the kitchen. How to get the results you want, but still be flexible. I want to make you feel like you can jazz your way to an epic dinner.

Making hollandaise by whisking in a copper bowl over a double bain? Nope. Instead, you should blend it for a brighter, fluffy hollandaise. Have omelettes grown boring? Boil one—they’re seriously better. And for a real treat, try a cryo-poached grape and blow minds at your next dinner party.

Of course, you still have access to everything we have ever done at ChefSteps, including our espresso class, how to make the ratatouille from the movie, and even a simple kale salad. Food doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be good.

Today is also the time to introduce ChefSteps Studio Pass.

Historically here at ChefSteps, we have given almost everything away for free. Our site has not been riddled in advertising. We have not berated you with pop-up ads or click bait. We wanted to create a beautiful site that moved easily for you. Part of this was because when you advertise, the companies that advertise with you become your customer, and your community becomes the product you sell. That sounds gross to us. We wanted you to trust us when we say a product is great or a resource is the best.

That has garnered us a lot of love. It didn’t make us a lot of revenue.

So, we are now introducing the ChefSteps Studio Pass. This is your virtual key to our kitchen. We are letting you into our cooking studio in the heart of the Pike Place Market—online, at least—to see the creative science in action. ChefSteps Studio Pass gives you access to our chefs through behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive new cooking guides, scientific insights, and online Q&A sessions.

Here it is: ChefSteps Studio Pass. It’s $69 a year, which is a great deal for becoming epic in the kitchen.

Becoming a Studio Pass member means you will help us keep creating the content you most want. We want you to be amazing in the kitchen. We want you to blow your guests’ minds when they eat at your home. We’re a super lean team here, a ragtag band of dreamers, trying to invent the future of cooking. We hope you join us.

Every month we will be releasing a new editorial batch of activities and resources, so head to ChefSteps now to see October’s new activities. Plus, we have new resources like Meat Cuts, where you can learn everything there is to know about meat and how to cook it.

I am eager to hear what the community thinks. Tell us what you love. Tell us what is inspiring you. I look forward to creating more and more food for you.

It is good to be back.


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