Good nutrition and good food for Fido

As some of you know, we lost a member of the family to cancer about 3 weeks ago. Max was our Golden Retriever and died at the age of 9.

It was a surprise!  He started getting very picky about his kibble, as he would just walk away after 2/3 of a bag or so of a brand or flavor. In the end, he would eat a doctored up bowl (could be gravy, pieces of left over steak etc,) only to turn his nose up on it the second feeding.

The cancer was discovered in a lymph node on his rear leg, and at that point in time he was given 2 to 3 months to live and that was accurate.

I have lost pets to old age and careless drivers, but not to disease. This prompted me to start doing some investigating.

After reading many articles regarding pet health, the bottom line always seemed to come back to nutrition and exercise. Pretty much the same as us.

The more I looked into pet nutrition, I realized that we had just taken the easy route,  we believed what was on the labels.

We  were also guilty of the old wives’ tales, kibble over canned, canned over kibble.  Probably from the wives of kibble companies and canned dog food companies. From what I gathered, you would be doing well to mix the two.

Max has left us, but Molly, our Jack Russell is still here. Her diet has already been changed. She is being fed supplements and vitamins, not just some fish oil for her coat.

She is also getting table scraps, or I should say, select table scraps. Remember that old wives’ tale, People food is bad for dogs. It’s a lie. Probably started by dog food manufacturers.

The left overs, or scraps are saved and supplement her regular meals, they are not treats from the table.

But some people foods are bad, like onions and garlic are bad, and apples are bad because of the high sugar content. But carrots and green vegetables are good. Just cook at little more for Fido and add to their kibble, NO, don’t add, but substitute a portion of their kibble.

Above all, don’t take my word for it, I’m not a nutritionist, but there are knowledgeable people on the web willing to share a wealth of research and not have a product they are trying to sell.

Here are a couple of sites to go to.

dog food ten scary truths

Dog Food Adviser

Kibble, chews and all that green stuff will not clean your dog’s teeth, Francene has brushed Max’s and Molly’s teeth on a weekly basis for the past year. We should have been brushing their teeth from the beginning, but we are learning as we go.

Do I think the dog food was the cause of Max’s cancer?  Well, I sure think it contributed to it. I do NOT believe our dogs’ nutritional needs were met because we believed the drivel written on the packaging.

Please do not believe that the high cost of designer foods are a guarantee of quality. There isn’t government guidelines that need to be followed and there isn’t any mandatory testing required.

There are bags and cans of good quality, medium quality and down right bad food available. Do some research, don’t rely on the labels and pay attention to your pet, you don’t need a vet to tell you something is wrong with Fido, they will do that themselves, you need the vet to tell you what is wrong.

Bottom line is if you love Fido, then take control of their diet instead of being at the mercy of the marketing departments.

Finally, why do we think they will be healthy and strong without exercise. Lying around eating bon bons doesn’t work for us, so why will it work for them?


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