Healthy Fried Chicken, ya, right.

Healthy Fried Chicken, now there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

Bread your chicken and place in a cast iron skillet with cooking oil preheated to 350 degrees, cook, turn, drain and serve. Now there is the universal recipe for preparing fried chicken. Of course what you use for breading, or flour and seasoning is up to you.


I use an egg wash and Bisquick with Emeril’s SouthWestern rub added to it. I think you get a nice crust and good flavor. But in the end you still have fried chicken. Or should I say, chicken that has been cooked in hot oil. Not healthy.

Now there are many recipes that have you bake the chicken in a 425 degree oven till done, then cool and serve, and there are air fryers that don’t fry but cook with a very hot air and you still have to spray some oil on the food.

Unless I am missing something, we have:

  • Chicken fried in oil, not healthy.
  • Chicken air cooked with oil, sounds like you still get the oil, so what makes it any different than a well drained fried chicken, it’s drier.
  • Finally, baked fried chicken, another oxymoron, but healthier than the other options. But it’s baked chicken, not fried chicken. A crust doesn’t make it fried.

What makes fried chicken so good, well, it’s fried and has some of the oil adding another layer of flavor to it.

There has to be a way to get that good fried flavor and be healthy. Or so I thought.

Fried chicken night, I use a whole chicken cut up in my kitchen.  The back goes into the chicken broth bone bag, the liver, kidney and giblets get cooked, breaded and fried, and then Francene and our jack Russell fight over them.

For deconstructing a chicken I use a sharp boning knife and for splitting the breast I use a cleaver and rubber mallet.

I don’t like to swing a cleaver with other living things in the home and it’s hard to be precise.

Place cleaver at desired cutting spot and rap with a mallet. You receive super clean cuts, you don’t ruin you cutting board, and you don’t have bone chips in your meat.

Flour, egg wash and flour again, add wings, legs and thighs to your 350 degree oil and cook till toasty brown, repeat with breast halves.

Here is where we change directions. Place your partially cooked in oil chicken on a cooling rack placed on a baking sheet, place in a 435 degree oven and finish,

I baked for 20 minutes or so, I can’t be more specific because not all chickens are created equal.

Remove from oven, let set for 10 minutes and enjoy.

Was this a healthy fried chicken, of course not.

It was first cooked in oil.

Why go though the extra steps? Because I think it was healthier.

First we drained what oil we could, then we baked it.  When removed from the oven there was even more oil on the bottom of the baking sheet. Remember we cooked on top of a cooling rack, not sitting in oil on the sheet.

So, can we have healthy fried chicken, I think not. But we can make it healthier and still enjoy fried chicken. BTW it was very juicy.

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