Adventures with Sushi

Sushi, raw fish, slimy texture, yuck and double yuck.

There are times in our lives that we just have to get a grip, suck it up and think that maybe, just maybe it’s time to escape from our preconceived  notions.

My first experience with Sushi was on a cruise to Alaska though the inland passage. There was a small spot  where you could get a small plate of that rice stuff. They called the little roll things, something like California Rolls.  I knew it wasn’t real Sushi because there wasn’t any raw fish oozing out and it wasn’t slimy. See, I am a man of the world. (You’re probably not laughing any louder than I am).

Well, the years rolled by and I didn’t give any more thought to Sushi until Francene took me to lunch at this strange little place that has a little train running along side the booths; and what was on the train? Neat little rolls of rice, seaweed and stuff.

What surprised me was that the stuff wasn’t a slimy eel sticking it’s head out of the roll, nor were there any dangling tentacles.

There was cooked shrimp and crab meat neatly tucked into that little roll of rice and seaweed.  Some of the rolls had the rice on the outside and some had the rice wrapped inside, There was avocado, cucumber, and lots of just tasty delights rolling past me.

Then Francene took me to lunch again at a different Sushi restaurant in Newberg, this one had all that I have mentioned, AND some of that fish stuff. AND, I ate some more of it.

Time to make Sushi at home, I can roll a bit of rice and some seaweed into a roll and make it look as good as what we find in restaurants. Well, I can at least do the first part.

Okay, if I’m going to do this I will need a Shashimi knife because we all know you need the right tools. And we always need a good excuse to buy another blade. Of course I later figured out I was making Sushi, not Shashimi :-).

I then made a trip to our local Asian grocery store, Uwajimaya in Beaverton Oregon.

There I found at least 50 different types of seaweed for Sushi, and a very nice lady who explained which types of seaweed were good and which ones weren’t as good. Next was the bamboo mats for rolling out the seaweed, and thank goodness there were only two to choose from. I bought two of the most expensive mats there, a whopping $1.75 each.  These are bamboo mats used to make your roll round, square, or to give a uniform shape.

Then to the condiments for Wasabi, or at least that mustard, corn starch and green food dye stuff that passes for Wasabi. Either way, it’s hot and tasty. I already had the sticky rice in the pantry.

Of course I also bought two sticky buns with BBQ pork to give me fuel to the next stop.

The mega mart provided some crab meat, cucumber and avocado and then I headed back home. The home freezer provided some nice shrimp and crab.

Later, back at the mega mart, telling a clerk about my adventures with Sushi,  she said something like   ‘Hey, did you check out the new Sushi Bar in the deli department?’.   I, of course just stood there with a manly know it all look on my face, and when they turned away I went to see what they where talking about.

I don’t spend much time in the fast food deli. Nothing against fried chicken under lamps, or any of that other stuff, although I have been known to get a broccoli salad or something similar upon occasion.

And there, right there on the corner of the Deli, close to the Starbucks (probably the reason I don’t go to that part of the store, a zillion dollars for a cup of coffee, I don’t think so.)See “When that first sip of coffee touches your soul“) was the Sushi display case, and there behind the case was the Sushi chef, and there in his hand, extended towards me, were samples of SUSHI, that tasted SO Delish!.

I now have a new favorite section of the store.

After my little adventure into fancy rice balls with a variety of yummy goodies, our interest has been perked and our taste buds tickled with anticipation. A little research and a whole new world has appeared and needs to be explored along with a lot of practice in having the final product look appetizing. I need to limber up these old and big hands, get the fingers a little more flexible. Or get Francene on the assembly side where her smaller and younger hands would be welcome.

Here is a quick list of types of Sushi, what they look like and consist of.  Picture below is a link to and an excellent description of Sushi types.

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