Why Jonesing For Food

Jonesing, a craving or need for food, is something we can’t do without.  Jonesing For Food’s mission is to bring back some of the excitement over just good food.

In a world of Signature dishes, recipes that trace their roots back to a local dish and then are corrupted into a celebrity Chef’s ‘new creation.’ I felt it would be enjoyable to share stories and recipes that are closer to the original dish, and just maybe, much better than the new Signature creation.

Now I am not against fusion and blending of cultures, heck, we have been doing that since man got a move on. In recent times we can blame cheap air travel, a few years before it was war and war brides, before that some Royal Russian nephew was married to a French Princess to strengthen allegiances to stave off wars. Of course we can all see where that inbreeding led us. No, I don’t mean the Souffle.

We can enjoy a fantastic curry in an authentic (or our case, a modern version) tajine, we can enjoy almost any cuisine we desire. Why not make it authentic. It may take a little longer and we may decide we don’t really care for it. But that’s okay as long as we enjoy the trip.

For a Thanksgiving, many years ago I made a Turkey Mole. I spent hours tracking down the correct chilies, all evening blending the chocolate and spices, preparing the most fantastic surprise meal I could. I was divorced and had all my children there, my brother Skip and his companion, my lady friend as well. We set down to this fantastic turkey and I don’t believe a single one of us will ever forget that meal, it was that bad. Now those memories need to be cherished right along with the deboned and double stuffed turkey everyone raved about.

So crack open a cook book, do some internet research, and get brave, also remember the journey or trip can be just as good as the destination.

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I love to read and cook, and I am at the age I am not afraid to share my opinion. There is the right way, the wrong way and Bill's way. 🙂
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