Bratwurst sitting on a bed of grilled sauerkraut and onions

The smell of bratwurst sitting on a bed of grilled sauerkraut and onions brings back memories that it seem like yesterday. We were sitting in the little cafe on the Danube River, the Wurstkuche Restaurant in Regensburg, Germany, also known as the Sausage Kitchen, eating our lunch.  My Dad showing us these lines on the wall that were high water marks from flooding of the Danube, a stone’s throw from the restaurant.

This was just a cafe to have lunch, not yet known as the oldest continuously open public restaurant in the world. No, this wasn’t yesterday, it was 1955 and I was 8 years old.

Captain Dudley Jones, stationed at Regensburg, Germany, the year 1955, had been joined by his family, wife Billie and two sons, Skip and Little Bill; and along the way we added another member, Reuben, a full sized long haired Dachshund.

It must have been a Sunday, and we drove across the bridge for some sightseeing. We lived in a house across from the river from St Peter’s Cathedral. The picture I have included of the Bridge and Cathedral is almost the same as the painting my parents’ commissioned.

There are memories that just stay with you. Some 20 years ago I watched a travel documentary and the scene is from inside this restaurant. They are showing the high water marks from the Danube flooding and I excitedly start babbling, “I have eaten there! I have eaten there!” Then the cameras went outside and I knew I was right.

So I have decided it’s time for a good German sausage dinner. with real sausage, not stuff with something like Wilshire Farms on the label. Authentic German Sausage recipes made at home, eaten at home, and does it get any better than this? Yes, it does, but I don’t have the cash to fly over to Germany for lunch, so this will have to do.




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