Fishmonger, do you have one?

A fishmonger is someone who sells raw and fresh fish and seafood. Oh you have one, at the meat counter of your local supermarket. Technically you are correct, but ask them for some raw squid, or fresh Spanish mackerel. Now you get it?

Some of you are blessed with Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, or live on the coast, any coast. For the rest of us, good luck.

Now I’m not saying you can’t get good, fresh fish from Safeway or Publix. You can and I do. I also buy fresh wild caught Salmon and Halibut from my favorite mega box, Costco. But when you need something different, where do you go?

My local fishmonger,  Northwest Fresh Seafood,  is located behind a church, hidden away. It first opened to supply restaurants, and then remodeled to offer wines, etc. to a local clientele.

What made me stop, and really look around was the Cioppino I was going to make my wife, Francene, for her birthday.  We were also having her friend, Priscilla, over, but she is allergic to shell fish and a Vegan on top of that.

Good-bye shrimp, lobster etc. Hello clams, muscles, squid, firm white fish, etc.. On top of that I might as well start with a good fish stock. NOT that box of salty water they call fish stock, not a bottle of clam juice, but fish stock. If you look at their menu, at the bottom, you will see fish bones and crab shells.

Remembering Priscilla, I passed on the crab shells and got a huge Salmon head and a Halibut carcass. Not something I was going to find at the Supermarket. Now I am not a huge seafood lover but that fish stock was to die for. I still have four more frozen quarts waiting for the right dish. One was used in my last Gumbo.

Anyway, this is about finding a local fishmonger, if you can’t find them yourself, ask the Supermarket fish counter, as they are there to help you, not just sell what’s in the cabinet. I live in a very small town and have one fishmonger. Chances are you have one as well.

On a final thought, I posted their menu with prices. This picture was taken September 2018. Fish is labeled fresh, previously frozen or frozen. They have a high rate of sales so the product hasn’t been sitting around


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